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The science of sales

Sales are too important to left to mere luck or even determined effort. That’s why we take an approach that’s both scientific and rigorous. It’s based on knowing what offer to make to every prospect and reinforced by our ability to predict who will buy. It means every sales proposal we make is relevant to the customer, respectful of their time and has quantified revenue generating potential.

Relevant: We identify the right offer for every customer and determine when to make it for maximum effect.

Respectful: Our remuneration – and our people’s bonuses – depends on exceptional quality and rigorous compliance performance as well as sales success.

Revenue generating: We focus on increased revenue per sale and sales per contact to boost your revenues and reduce your cost.

Why trust to luck? With specialisms in B2B and B2C environments, expertise across all sales channels – including sales through service – and a service portfolio that spans the customer lifecycle, Webhelp will help you win customers, keep them and grow their value.

Respect for your customers

We never waste your customers’ time (or your money) by making irrelevant offers. We use predictive analytics and smart sales technologies to present the right offer at the right time to the customer with the greatest revenue potential and highest propensity to buy.

In outbound sales we link our analytics engines to our diallers to schedule every call to the most appropriate advisor at the best possible time. Their desktop provides everything they need to bring the sale home: from detailed customer profiles to targeted sales recommendations and competitor analysis for objection handling.

Similar next-best-action strategies are used in cross and upsell and in service environments to make sure no sales opportunity is lost.

Respect for your business

We judge our sales performance against two key criteria: sales per contact and revenue per sale. Each prospect is assigned a value indicator score: a guide to the revenue potential they represent based on their accessibility to contact, propensity to buy, projected purchase value and expected cost of sale. This drives our sales strategies, focusing our effort on your areas of greatest opportunity and delivering high revenue at low cost.

Whether you’re working in B2C or B2B we have dedicated expertise to match your sales and account management models. We won’t just help you close sales, we’ll help you maintain relationships over time and grow their value cost effectively. For example, in B2B our specialist Webhelp Enterprise operation uses multi-lingual teams of sales specialists to extend international reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional field sales.

Respect for your data

Whether we’re taking data from you or buying it on your behalf, we won’t just dial and hope for the best. We’ll enhance it by adding insight about socio-economic status, personal purchasing history, activity in your sector and preferred time of contact for each contact. We then make sure it’s updated with insights gained from every subsequent interaction. Over time this allows our predictive modelling capability to evolve, so we can answer the two big questions for every sales campaign: “what proposition should I make to this customer next?” and “I have this offer, which customers is it most likely to appeal to?”

Respect for the regulator

We work in heavily regulated industries, including telecommunications, financial services and utilities. So, while our people are positively motivated to sell, their performance is closely monitored for compliance and quality. 100% call recording is mandatory across all campaigns and analytics is used to identify any compliance failure in real time. Automated monitoring is supplemented by human review and coaching to maintain quality.

Our remuneration is linked to sales results, but dependent on our compliance and quality scores. In short, we don’t expect be paid for contacts that fall below our exacting standards.

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