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Future of Sales: how Webhelp develops new e-commerce approaches

5th September 2017

For the last few months, an experimental project has been in progress at Webhelp. It aims to co-invent new ways to sell on the web, taking advantage of all cross-channel opportunities.

“Some websites need human contact to sell their services: a high medium basket, complex product. These players, small or medium, have a strong experimentation dynamic, and we are happy to offer them our support in AB testing,” explains Samuel Besson, Head of Future of Sales at Webhelp.

Webhelp offers its expertise in telesales and cross-channel sales, and its ability to detect and validate startups and high-potential technologies.

“We like to work and experiment with technology partners, to measure how Webhelp contact channels can help a website to convert more customers or lose less,” says Samuel Besson.

Still experimental, this initiative is driven by a medium-long-term vision: from the marketing of a simple product or service, to the deployment of customised support throughout the value chain, then from order taking up to delivery/installation, through to SEO and site improvement. “Webhelp has a global BPO perspective; an approach that is particularly relevant to talented players who need to deploy very quickly,” adds Samuel Besson.

For the time being, the first partnerships are focused on data specialists. “Together, we test for one to two months and then we measure the ROI impact,” explains Samuel Besson. “We work in particular on data cross-referencing, to develop a more precise targeting approach. Our first observation is that there are many areas for improvement that can be uncovered by bringing together rather cold CRM data and rather warm web data.”

Crossing Data and Channels

For example, some test campaigns were conducted with the Notify startup, which manages millions of cookies in France. The real-time association provided by the Notify data and the experience of Webhelp in the processing of outgoing calls makes it possible to rethink how outgoing calls are managed (areas like CX, organisation, reachability, etc.).

Another promising technology is that of Allomedia’s “voice cookies”: the user receives a unique call number that allows you to go back to the cookie and then cross call data with the surfing data.

To conclude, Samuel Besson projects that in the medium term: “We are driven by the idea of ​​an incubator of sales projects, a ‘Sales Lab’. The goal is to co-build, with our client, the best approach for their website. This systematically passes through an AB testing process and study of the best combination of data and channels: chat, email, shop networks, basket abandonment, call campaigns, etc. Our first results confirm how rich this vast field of experimentation is.”


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