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Creating champions through emotional connections – the advantage of being people-first

1st October 2019

While the production equipment was considered to be the greatest asset of a company during the 20th century, the most valuable asset for companies in the 21st century is its people. Accounting for almost 85% of a company’s assets, employees’ expertise and competence plays a vital role in the growth and development of a company. Making sure they feel valued and recognized for their work is key. They work with stronger intrinsic motivation, a deeper sense of meaning, and a greater level of engagement. Going the extra mile becomes natural because the employees devote their efforts to an organization that cares about them.

And as our lives become more technology driven, customers now have more power and a wider selection of choices than before. It is easier for them to compare brands and product reviews before making an informed purchasing decision. Due to this, product satisfaction alone is no longer enough. For a company to earn the trust and loyalty of today’s customers, understanding them on a personal level is essential, and pushes the need to build emotional connections through;

  • Trust – it increases customer advocacy

Despite it taking more effort to obtain and maintain a personal connection with customers, the bottom-line is always worth it. Once the connection is made, the returns are much more than loyalty because a vocal and engaged advocate for your brand is born. Along with staying loyal to your brand, they also extend your brand reach through promotions, referrals, social sharing and word of mouth.

Prioritizing mutual trust and respect creates genuine connections to your brand. A big brand like Starbucks focuses on the connection and not the transaction through incorporating best practices that strengthen the connection. Additionally, the consistency breeds credibility and once companies showcase their willingness to fulfill the needs of their customers, they reward you with intense loyalty.

  • Rallying your tribe

Knowing what makes your audience tick enhances the connection to your brand. Staying genuine during your messaging and interactions and consistently aligning all touch points to your brand’s value proposition attracts those who are a strong fit for your brand. A strong community is always well connected with members who share mutual goals and ideologies. It is important for companies to enable seamless communication with the customers to show them that you hear them and respect their views.

  • Encouraging employee advocacy

No one knows your brand better than your employees. They not only interact with your brand daily, they are also the first people to work on a project before the public sees the final results. This exclusive access generates excitement within your organization as well as empowering employees to be the brand advocates.

And because employees are an integral part of implementing the services of any business, investing on their satisfaction directly affects their efficiency and performance. Happy employees = happy customers = happy clients. It’s thus important for companies to align people with their strengths and to also integrate flexible work schedules which will enable the employees to take care of their personal responsibilities outside of work.

Now more than ever, organizations have the potential to deeply connect with people. At Webhelp, we recognize the power of being a people-first organization, by focusing on the people, whether they are our employees, our clients, or their customers. Our focus is not only on increasing sales and profits, but rather on our people first. By keeping all stakeholders happy and satisfied, we create strong and meaningful relationships with our clients and a wow place to work in for our employees.

Our strong culture enhances our performance, higher revenue, client loyalty, operating margin and total shareholder return.  We inspire people and energize our employer brand to not only draw in but also to retain top talent by creating a sense of purpose and excitement.

Taking pride in our diverse workforce, our different backgrounds and varied perspectives is what unites us. We embrace new ideas and provide opportunities for team members to work together across different time zones. And thanks to their continuous hard work and dedication, we continue to grow sustainably.

Article by: Webhelp

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