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Social Responsibility

Webhelp operates with a high level of social responsibility, and our determination to conduct business in an ethical, fair and enlightened way challenges us to be better for our people and for our communities.

Corporate Social Initiatives

Webhelp’s Corporate Social Initiatives (CSI) offering provides employment and bursaries to youth from low income areas in South Africa. This is in order to improve their standard of living and prospects, and to indirectly assist them in impacting their community. This is aligned to our business imperatives and provides economic benefits…

CSI Value Chain


Partner: Columba Leadership Activating Youth 2.0

Webhelp’s Role: Facilitating funding and participating in the programme

Purpose: Columba Leadership Activating Youth 2.0 is a South African social enterprise and charity that provides programmes to help young people realise their inner greatness and find the confidence to positively change their lives and the lives of those around them. Within the ‘Foundation’ phase of Webhelp’s CSI value chain, we contract Columba to:

* Identify a low income / no fee school in order to develop a capacity-building partnership between the business and school.
* Work with the school to select 10 pupils in Grade 10 to attend a week-long course called the Young People’s Leadership Academy.
* Roll out and facilitate the Young People’s Leadership Academy, which seeks to assist the learners in realising their potential and value to society, as well as the impact they can have on their school and community.

As an outcome of the course, the learners are asked to identify issues within their school and community and then develop an action group with plans to address each one, with the assistance and mentorship of Webhelp.

Internship and Mentorship

Partner: Columba Leadership Activating Youth 2.0

Webhelp’s Role: On-going mentorship and support, and the provision of internships and career days following guidance and input from Columba Leadership Activating Youth 2.0

Purpose: Following the completion of the Young People’s Leadership Academy, the relationship between the business and the partnered school is solidified through the on-going mentorship provided by Webhelp. Columba encourages the business to assist learners with the implementation of actions plans, and provides progress reports on the school and students’ achievements.

In addition, during this step in the value chain Webhelp also provides on-going mentorship to the learners on a personal and academic basis to ensure they remain on track to achieve their matric exemption at the end of their Grade 12 year. Additional opportunities provided by Webhelp include holiday internships and career days for learners to be exposed to the different functions within a business. Through this exposure, learners can make more informed decisions about career and educational options.

Entry Level Employment

Partner: Adcorp

Webhelp’s Role: Our HR team recruits individuals from the partnered school into a Webhelp location. HR also organises our new people into support groups to assist with adjustment to having a job and earning an income.

Purpose: Once the learners within the partnered school have completed their secondary education with a matric exemption, Webhelp offers full-time entry-level employment as a contact centre advisor. This provides learners with assurance and confidence that they will have a job and a salary once they have completed their schooling.

This opportunity is not limited to learners who completed the Young People’s Leadership Academy: it is open to any learner within the partnered school who obtains the minimum requirements for a matric exemption. Often, school leavers are unaware of the employment opportunities available, especially at an entry-level; Webhelp’s position as a partner to the school allows us to advertise roles and build awareness among pupils.

CSI Goals

Social Goals

* Through education and employment, empower youths in South Africa to make a contribution to their communities
* Develop an internal talent pool that is managed and developed to meet individual career aspirations

Economic Goals

* Efficiency – Higher retention of contact centre staff, leading to savings in recruitment and entry level costs
* Revenue – Attract new business through a robust CSI model that engages clients and employees alike

Columba Leadership and Webhelp

To learn more, click here.

Rights and Diversity

Webhelp is passionate about upholding human rights and promoting diversity. We partner with local authorities on issues affecting vulnerable groups, and consistently offer employment and training opportunities.

In South Africa, Webhelp is a BBBEE Level Eight Contributor.

Respecting Our Team

We offer positive working conditions, and provide a pleasant and modern working environment. Our commitment to health and safety has been consistently strong since the company launched, and we continually strive to improve conditions in line with evolving standards. Webhelp also places considerable emphasis on offering social benefits and respecting the culture of our unique communities.

Our Environment

Webhelp’s drive to promote increased environmental responsibility and mitigate the impact of climate change has led to a range of successful initiatives. The environment will continue to be a high priority for Webhelp, and as time goes on we will continue to update processes and policies as needed to ensure our operations have minimal environmental impact.


Our people are educated to recognise the signs of extortion, bribery and other unlawful or unethical practices. Ethical company policies, careful suppler evaluation and advanced software tools for checking and processing requisitions have all contributed to Webhelp’s anti-corruption initiative.


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