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Maximise your sales potential with a specialist

Today’s B2B customers won’t settle for second best. Influenced by consumer brands that have invested heavily in data-driven customer segmentation, they expect the same from you. Let them down and sales will suffer. Your challenge is to match the customer experience they receive from their mobile phone provider or online retailer – personalised, proactive and informed. Achieving that across your whole customer base – including those whose spend doesn’t warrant attention from traditional field sales or B2B account management teams – is our speciality.

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First choice for Business-to-Business

Webhelp is working with B2B clients – from SMEs to multi-nationals – to grow profitable sales and deliver loyalty-building service.


Maximise your sales potential.

Work with a specialist in B2B sales.

Maximise revenue potential with Telephone Account Management.

Centralise sales for cost effective pan-European reach.

Deploy analytics for personalised sales and retention.

Accelerate omni-channel strategies to get more sales for less cost.

Adopt omni-channel technologies to accelerate change.

Work with a specialist in B2B sales

Most outsourcers focus primarily on B2C customer service. We’ve built a specialism in B2B sales. Webhelp Enterprise is dedicated to helping companies like yours grow revenue through active sales management. Its expertise embraces everything from lead generation to direct sales; from campaign planning to marketing automation and from pipeline building to ongoing account management. With multi-lingual teams of B2B sales specialists we’ll extend your international sales reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional field sales.

Maximise revenue with Telephone Account Management

Many of our B2B clients have a large number of customers – perhaps 80% of their base – whose spend doesn’t warrant the personal attention of an account manager. For them we’ve developed Telephone Account Management. Our dedicated B2B advisors each manage hundreds of accounts, using data-driven analytics to predict buying patterns and following pre-determined business rules to engage at the right time. This ensures that clients maximise the revenue potential of customer groups they can’t afford to serve well by traditional means.

Centralise sales for cost effective reach

We manage pan-European programmes in forty languages across traditional and digital channels from specialised B2B hubs in lower-cost locations. By centralising your sales activity we achieve economies of scale and consistency of performance. We can invest time and effort to design the ideal customer experience, and then implement it company-wide for maximum impact.

Deploy analytics for personalised sales and retention

Our dedicated data analysts unlock your ability to recognise customers and treat them personally. We’ll not only forecast their revenue potential: we’ll predict their propensity to buy. That means we can focus attention on those most likely to deliver the best returns and maximise the potential of every customer by pitching the right product, via the right channel, at the right time. We can also predict propensity to churn and take action before the fact to prevent it. We’re so confident of success that we’ll enter into risk and reward contracts that directly link our remuneration to your sales performance.

Accelerate omni-channel strategies

We’ll design and implement sales strategies for traditional and digital channels, then integrate them to give your customers a consistent sales and service experience – however they choose to interact. In our experience omni-channel shoppers spend up to 50% more than single-channel shoppers, so expect significant revenue uplift. And, because digital channels are up to 40% cheaper to operate, your costs will go down too.

Access omni-channel technologies

Through partnership and acquisition we’re building a portfolio of leading-edge technologies that can supplement, enrich or replace your legacy systems to accelerate omni-channel customer management.

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