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From stand out service to high performance sales

In B2C or B2B environments technology – software, devices, systems – is essential to survival. It is the lifeblood of consumer lifestyles and the foundation of business performance. So, when it matters so much, the quality of consumer tech support you provide can give you valuable competitive edge. With an omni-channel approach that makes 24-hour service achievable and affordable, Webhelp is helping tech businesses turn users into brand advocates. And, with dedicated sales operations – from direct-to-consumer to enterprise account management – we’re protecting their profitability with lean, effective operations.

First choice for technology businesses

Webhelp’s omni-channel operations are transforming the sale and service performance of technology businesses in B2C and B2B markets.

Webhelp provides antipiracy services to Microsoft via telephone, webchat and email.
Webhelp provides outbound inside sales services to Lenovo, using email, webchat and telephone.
We run different services for Samsung: Webhelp Enterprise Sales Solutions provides inside sales services via outbound calls, webchat and email. Our customer support department handles inbound calls an
Philips Professional Display Solutions
Philips Lighting
Infopro Digital
Wolters Kluwer
Smart RX

For the omni-channel retailer…

Create ultimate self-service and peer support across digital channels.

Make advisor service effortless and effective first time.

Use advanced analytics to power B2C sales.

Choose to work with a B2B sales specialist.

Run lean operations to protect healthy margins

Make use of our technology advantage

Ultimate self-service and peer support

We’re spearheading the development of self-service channels that allow users to help themselves and each other to find answers, share ideas and enrich their experience of your technology. And, with webchat and video chat, we’re providing advisor support by the most cost effective means. We’ll work with you to design digital services your users will embrace.

Effortless and effective advisor services

When the human touch is inevitable – either to support self-service or answer the phone – we build loyalty by reducing customer effort, resolving issues on first contact and going the extra mile. There’s more to it than being friendly and polite. We can get it right first time for your customers because we build rich knowledge bases that guide our people's responses and make them intuitive to follow on their desktops. And, of course, they’re expertly trained to support your products – from general service enquiries to level 4 tech support.

Advanced analytics for B2C sales

We support PCI compliant sales across every channel. Our telesales activities are as strong as you’d expect, and we’re leading the way online. We’re maximising digital revenues with proactive webchat strategies and spearheading the development of social as a sales channel. Tuned in to the Voice of the Customer and using analytics to predict buying behaviours, we target the right customer with the right product at the right time. Because our salespeople are supported by personalised "next best offer" prompts via their desktop, and because our service advisors are skilled in cross and upsell, we’re confident no sales opportunity is lost or overlooked.

Work with a B2B sales specialist

Our specialist Webhelp Enterprise operation is dedicated to helping B2B tech businesses grow revenue through active sales management. Its expertise embraces everything from lead generation to direct sales; from campaign planning to marketing automation and from pipeline building to ongoing account management. With multi-lingual teams of B2B technology sales specialists we’ll extend your international sales reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional field sales.

Lean operations to protect margins

In technology markets with tight margins we build lean operations; using advanced workforce management we can staff for seasonal peaks without giving you a cost burden for the rest of the year. As an international operator, we’ll help you serve multiple geographies at low cost from strategically located multi-lingual centres. And with innovative rightshoring strategies we leverage the advantages of lower-cost locations without compromising service quality.

Our technology advantage

Through partnership and acquisition we’re building a portfolio of leading-edge technologies that can supplement, enrich or replace your legacy systems to accelerate omni-channel customer management.

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