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Balance professional relationship management with financial gain

Webhelp’s FDI Logbox International Credit Management solution started out in the fashion sector. Over more than 30 years, we have acquired experience and expertise in acting as a neutral party representing the interests of local and global fashion brands. In an economic climate that forces a balance between the activities necessary to growing a business and the need to protect against financial risk, neutral intervention from a trusted third party is imperative.

Our international credit management solutions have helped brands gain a foothold both domestically and in the fashion export business. We offer advice as well as practical solutions, and act as a credit insurance intermediary. This allows brands to work with non-guaranteed clients, because we propose alternative solutions which facilitate payments.

Through us, new and established brands have eradicated cash flow problems, established successful long-term working relationships with stores, and expanded internationally.

First choice for the fashion sector

Addressing financial challenges in the fashion sector with a network of expert professionals.

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Getting ahead in the fashion industry requires expertise in international credit management and business practices.

Positive business relationships

Consistent cashflow

True strategic partnership

International expertise with local knowledge

Positive Business Relationships

As a brand invested in your own success, you can’t allow late payments to affect your production. However, it is imperative that your business relationships are not compromised.

This is where Webhelp can help. Instead of the issue being between you and the buyer, there is now a neutral third party that is invested in your interests. Our expertise in credit collection activity and 30 years of experience, working with 40,000+ fashion buyers, mean that we know the best ways to tackle the potential issues which can arise between a brand and its clients, and can suggest the most fitting solutions.

Consistent Cashflow

The unique dynamics and timings inherent in the fashion sector present numerous financial challenges. When there can be up to 15 months between designing and producing a collection and getting your money back, it is essential to ensure a regular cashflow that is consistent with industry schedules. We can help you to choose and maintain a sound client base. And, as a neutral third party, we can chase your customers while you are selling the new collection – avoiding the risk of you damaging your commercial relationship with them.

If need be, our collections service will ensure that debts are recovered – we aim for amicable debt collection in the first instance, but years of experience and strong local knowledge allow us to conduct judicial debt collection without harming your reputation or relationships.

True Strategic Partnership

Within the fashion sector, the conflict between the need to promote commercial success through relationship building and the need for financial stability is strong. In order to find resolution while looking out for your best interests, your company needs a strategic partner – that is where Webhelp comes in.

Our knowledge, experience and reputation enable fashion brands to grow and increase revenue. We do this with them as true partners, invested in and dedicated to their success. This is particularly the case for companies expanding into unfamiliar territory – our local knowledge and experience in international financial practices are crucial to building a stable foundation and cashflow.

International Expertise with Local Knowledge

With over 30 years of experience and a network of subsidiaries covering over 35 countries in Europe, Africa and North America, Webhelp can offer strong local knowledge combined with expertise in international business and financial practices.

We offer our partners a 360° view of every potential client, taking a neutral and ascetic perspective that is often sorely needed in an industry driven by creativity and relationship building. On a local level, our credit management services offer insight into businesses that, in today’s ever-shifting marketplace, would otherwise be unknown and potentially risky clients.

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