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Post Office Limited®

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This branch of the UK Post Office provides general insurance. They offer life, travel, home and over 50s insurance with a focus on fair pricing and great customer service.


Transforming the customer experience through the design of a complete customer management solution.


There were two elements to this solution. The first was the development of a brand new Unified Agent Desktop (UAD) that would integrate all front- and back-office systems into one multichannel advisor solution. The second was implementing new systems and processes to meet the stringent regulatory framework of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Customer experience engineered through innovative technology

Insightful data use and intelligent technology solutions revolutionise customer management

The drive to transform the customer experience for the Post Office Insurance campaign had a number of components. These were:

  • The successful roll out of the UAD
  • The creation of a single customer view encompassing all transaction and contact history
  • Paperless quality and compliance processes and workflows scripted into the UAD
  • CRM and campaign management supported by a dedicated Customer Insight Manager
  • The introduction of our industry-leading quality program which included the implementation of an innovative new scoring matrix
  • Customer journey mapping and IVR mapping recommendation

In order to identify the elements of customer experience that required the most work, Webhelp undertook targeted initiatives. These included:

  • A real-time multi-channel customer survey tool that allows us to measure touch-point NPS and CSAT, as well as capturing customer comments.
  • The deployment of the Discovery process to harness the knowledge and insight of employees on the customer front line and promote continuous improvement.

There were some initial teething troubles: initial understatement of average handling times led to abandon rates at go-live reaching 50%.

The operation:

In 2014, Webhelp successfully secured a seven-year contract with Post Office Limited® Insurance to provide customer contact services across their product portfolio. The client was looking for a strategic partner capable of transforming the customer experience through the design of a complete customer management solution encompassing a multi-channel contact centre, CRM capabilities and model office for innovation. Post Office Limited® Insurance transferred the management of its contact centre services to Webhelp, and our Insight and Operations teams took on the challenge of implementing a large-scale transformation.


The results on this campaign have been impressive, and are largely down to close collaboration between our teams and the client.

System changes have led to a range of service improvements on every call. The new system offers:

  • Auto-prompting to advisors to greet the caller
  • Call type categorisation requests directed to advisors at the beginning of each call
  • Scripts provided based on the categorisation selected – each has its own SLA
  • Assistance to advisors with customised scenario-based scripts
  • Different process flows for different call types
  • Certainty that all call types are answered in the correct manner
  • A Knowledge Base and paperless automated support mechanism

The benefits of UAD are also clear. It assists the entire set-up within our Glasgow operation, from managing advisor performance to overall service delivery by:

  • Allowing real-time monitoring across overall call duration
  • Providing a live feed of advisor performance which in turn assists with TNA identification for advisors – with area for TNA identified by the system
  • Controlling communication scripts in real-time. Although this not an advisory service, advisors can help customers plan their travel by sharing updates around the intended place of travel. Incidents can be relayed across the operations teams and scripts updated for advisors to utilise on respective calls

UAD has also fostered a complaint capture process and improved overall compliance levels across operations:

  • Real-time monitoring of call progress, and checkpoints across a call flow mitigate any deviations from the process
  • Customer complaints information fully captured with associated work-flow in place to follow up and resolve
  • Up-to-date quality assurance stats at the touch of a button
  • Scorecard changes which can happen instantly rather than over a period of time
  • A new reporting structure which can be applied at campaign, manager and advisor level
  • Pin-point focus on specific problem areas – this allows for targeted coaching sessions and the ability to measure reductions in failure areas, which in turn drives success

When the UAD was first launched at the outset of the campaign 54% of calls were marked as “red”. By using the system effectively we are now at 10% red against a target of 20%.

In addition to these benefits, immediate collaboration with the client and overall service efficiency brought abandonment rates down from the go-live rate of 50% to below 5%, a figure that has remained consistent ever since.

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