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Winning with customer experience

Across the utilities industry providers face a twin challenge: to deliver a customer service experience that will win the hearts and minds of consumers and the confidence of the regulators. This imperative is intensified in the energy sector, where savage competition following deregulation has tarnished reputations and allowed new players to win market share through keenly priced "fair deals" for consumers. The direction of Government legislation however, suggests that price wars can’t continue, making customer experience quality the new competitive battleground. Webhelp’s experience with utility businesses across Europe proves that this battle can be won, and with reduced costs.

First choice for utilities

Webhelp’s clients include traditional players and new market entrants across Europe’s energy and water industries.

First Utility
Webhelp provides telephone-based customer service for this leading energy company.
Cooperative Energy
We offer customer service and sales solutions to this energy company. Our people serve Cooperative Energy customers across multiple channels: voice, webchat and e-mail.
Direct Energy

A customer experience that wins loyalty and trust

Win customers’ hearts and minds with exceptional service

Secure the regulator’s approval with rigorous compliance

Build business with responsible sales

Keep customers with proactive retention

Reduce customer effort and operating cost

Leverage your brand’s digital presence to boost customer experience

Winning customers’ hearts and minds

We’ll satisfy your customers by getting the basics right – reducing customer effort and resolving issues on first contact. We’ll then go the extra mile to turn satisfied customers into loyal advocates of your brand. Beyond traditional services, we’re working with utilities businesses to help customers reduce consumption. We’re supporting their efforts by designing proactive customer communications across digital channels and mobile devices; communications that advance green objectives and increase brand engagement.

Securing the regulator’s approval

As regulators intensify their scrutiny, meeting their customer experience expectations matters more than ever. We measure our performance by the same indices they use – high NPS, low customer effort and strong satisfaction. At the same time, our dedicated compliance teams apply the rigour required to pass the most stringent audits; reporting directly to our cross-industry compliance function. Dedicated to the operation but independent of it, they have the authority to challenge operational decisions and to ensure your business goals and compliance responsibilities are always finely balanced.

Ensuring responsible sales

In the deregulated energy industry the imperative to win new customers and hold on to them has given rise to damaging behaviours that have tarnished reputations. Our responsible approach to sales – using analytics-based targeting and responsible contact approaches – will keep you on the right side of the regulator and ensure you win business without brand damage. We know you face tough competitors who introduce new tariffs, offers and deals almost daily. Fortunately our people are supported by knowledge bases that give them the complete competitive picture: not just how good your offer is, but why it’s better than the others’.

Retaining customers long term

In retention we use behavioural analytics to predict customer behaviour and propensity to churn. This allows us to build proactive retention programmes that help you to re-engage with customers on a new basis and secure their long term commitment. The same analytics driven approach creates intelligent cross and upsell strategies that build customer value and extend tenure.

Reducing effort, lowering cost

Using omni-channel customer journey design, we’ll make sure contacts are completed across appropriate channels – traditional and digital – balancing cost, value and customer effort. We’ll use root cause analytics and demand management to reduce contacts that inconvenience your customers and add unnecessary cost to your business. As an international operator, we offer innovative rightshoring opportunities that leverage lower-cost locations without compromising service quality.

Leveraging digital customer experience

Our omni-channel approach is boosted by teams dedicated to the development of effective customer journeys across online and social channels. With specialist social listening and digital customer journey design teams, we’ll help you exploit the potential of digital channels to extend choice for customers and enhance their access to your services.

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