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Government and Public Sector

Effective service for citizens. Financial savings for you.

You are under an obligation to provide consistent, reliable services to your citizens; to be there whenever they need information or support. Digital channels have heightened their expectations. Citizen contact with public services is now expected to be available at any time via any channel – online, mobile and social as well as traditional phone and mail. It’s in your best interests to help them do so. Self-service interactions across digital channels can be completed at a fraction of the cost of a phone call and take place any time. With our expertise in omni-channel citizen engagement we can help you provide superior 24-hour service and reduce your costs.

First for Government and public sector

Webhelp is a government accredited supplier in every European market in which we operate.

La Poste
We provide customer assistance for different areas of LaPoste, which offers a range of services from insurance to parcel delivery.

Take action on citizen services.

Invest in self-service to help citizens resolve their issues.

Manage demand to reduce cost (and citizen frustration).

Deliver effortless service to make life better for your citizens.

Access the latest technology to accelerate positive change.

Outsource responsibly to protect your people.

Invest in self-service

We’ll help you implement "digital first"’ strategies by designing powerful self-service solutions your citizens will embrace. By doing so we’ll reduce routine calls to your contact centre, lowering costs and freeing up advisors to focus on more complex interactions where the "human touch" adds most value.

Manage demand

We’ll use root-cause analytics to understand why citizens contact you and identify how we can reduce their need to do so through better communication or improved processes. By finding out what your citizens find difficult, frustrating or confusing, we’ll make their lives better and relieve pressure on your resources.

Deliver effortless service

Across every channel we focus on making things easy for your citizens, resolving issues on first contact then going the extra mile to reinforce satisfaction. There’s more to it than being friendly and polite. We can get it right first time for your citizens because we integrate to your back office systems and build rich knowledge bases that allow our people to give the right answer every time. We judge our performance by Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Citizen Effort – measures that show your organisation and its budget holders that you’re meeting your obligations.

Access the latest technology

We’re committed to providing access to leading edge technologies. Through partnership and acquisition, we’re building a portfolio of innovative solutions that can supplement, enrich or replace your legacy systems to accelerate your progress towards omni-channel citizen services.

Outsource responsibly

If you’re new to outsourcing you’re probably worried about its impact on the people who work in your contact centres. Talk to us about your concerns. In some cases we can transfer their employment to us and deliver zero impact on jobs. In every market in which we operate we’re recognised as a responsible employer and, given the diversity of our business, can often offer your people enhanced career opportunities.

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