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It’s Time for Business Transformation

25th February 2016

We’ve all seen a very typical outsourcing scenario…

…a company issues a Request for Proposal and waits for all of their suppliers to pitch for business. Outsourcing; and the area of customer experience has now changed however, with two key trends shaping how companies are working together: partnership and transformation.

Partnership, as you might expect, happens when two companies work together to achieve a business outcome. One offers tools or expertise to the other, but partnership is more than just a typical client-and-supplier financial transaction. Often companies cannot succeed in their own market without expertise from specialists – especially in an area as complex as customer interaction.

The periphery of the typical organisation has become blurred. A customer service agent may work in the office of a brand, but be paid by a specialist customer service company that supplies technology in addition to people. Today’s customer service partnerships blur the lines surrounding who pays whom, and the relationships enable both companies to benefit from their mutual success.

Transformation is extremely important in corporate relationships today. The customer journey is changing: customers want to make less effort, and they want interactions to be as easy as possible. Customer expectations are moving faster than most companies can manage; unless they have a programme of transformation that will move client-facing people and systems ahead of the competition.

These two aspects of organisational behaviour will be critical in the years ahead. Companies in this fast-changing world will only succeed if they get the right partners on board and ensure that success rewards both parties. In addition, serving customers who now expect an omnichannel that works requires a serious amount of planning and change.

Those who succeed will have the right partners, but they will also have planned the future state of their business and created a transformation roadmap to help everyone on the team get there.

Helen Murray
Article by: Helen Murray

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