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A verified customer file as an effective prospecting tool

CRM database, email directory, prospecting sheet, etc.: a company’s client database takes many forms. The relevance and regular updating of this data are key to a successful marketing or business campaign. Webhelp’s On Demand services increase contact rate in a matter of days, and as a result transform your commercial prospecting.

A targeted service to verify your client database – when you need it the most, without long-term engagement, at the right price.

Integrate an On Demand operation into your commercial prospecting strategy

An On Demand operation can have many goals, all tailored to your prospecting plans.

  • Verify a contact sheet to update your CRM database.
  • Generate verified prospects through indicators of the target’s needs and intentions.

The value of prospect management programs for your business is clear. You relieve your salesforce of repetitive tasks that don’t add value, and you give them the ability to better “work” clients with significant added value.

Verify a contact database

The operation consists of confirming/enriching contacts in a database of first names, last names, telephone numbers, addresses, emails, etc. Webhelp’s experience has taught us that, on average, a client-provided prospecting sheet is only 60-70% usable. Fake numbers, unreachable contacts, dissolved companies… the quality of a client database should be tested if it was established more than one or two years ago. Even more so if the customer file was purchased but is not yet tested. Does your database have relevant information to properly lead your marketing campaign and achieve your commercial goals? Should you enrich the existing BDD with complementary questions about the decision-maker for a type of purchase, a centre of interest, the possession or use of equipment, etc.? When you have a limited salesforce, it’s useful to segment the database to target your campaign more precisely. For example, during the launch of a new product, you can start with the segment most likely to be interested in it. The most important part is to talk to verified prospects.

Re-verify leads

For many companies, the web channel is an important source of leads: “fresh” prospects that need to be contacted as quickly as possible. With On Demand, the flow of leads can be verified with very precise timing. A campaign also lets your sales people save time instead of spending it on this time-consuming work.

Webhelp’s offer for good prospecting

Flexibility, reactivity, and cost management: Webhelp provides an On Demand service, activated on demand.

Several billing models

Choosing France can be motivated by many factors. Proximity, if the client wants to be able to visit the teams. Complexity, if the operation requires the development of a more in-depth argumentation or lead detection. Regardless of your decision, all the Webhelp sites offer the same quality service due to the requirements we’ve set out:

A managed budget

For the On Demand service, Webhelp offers two billing models: Inshore and Offshore. Maintaining the same rigorous selection process during recruitment when it comes to the advisors’ level of education, mastery of French and French culture, and on-going training. To lower the risk of budget overruns during an operation, the Webhelp team creates a quantitative daily report: data collected, rates recorded… If the verification operation proves to be disappointing, an alert is immediately sent to the client to potentially stop the operation and avoid additional needless spending. An alert is also sent once the agreed threshold is passed (at 80% of the budget used, for example). Finally, the operating costs are clear and the bill is calculated on real hours worked, emphasising timeslots with high reachability.

Fast implementation

Implementing an On Demand campaign only takes a few days. It includes:

  • Transmitting the purchase order and its details
  • Recruiting additional personnel, if necessary
  • Training teams
  • Receiving the customer file
  • Configuring the tool, if necessary

A controlled roll-out

In daily contact with the supervisor, under the authority of the director of development, an On Demand mission is rolled out in a few key steps:

  • Launching a quality test on the initial file
  • Sending a productivity status
  • End of test: producing a landing hypothesis, adjusting the script and the approach
  • Client alert at x% of the budget used

The client receives a daily list of verified fake and permanently unreachable numbers.

Client follow up On Demand

Re-establishing contact is a delicate exercise. Leading a client to make a purchase by telephone or resubscribe requires tact and persistence. How should you make a follow-up call to a client? Getting over the hurdle of a switchboard or an assistant and convincing them it’s a smart step requires the support of a well-formed call script, trained personnel, and production teams that are experienced in the exercise. Webhelp puts all its expertise in client relations at your disposal. When should you make follow-up calls? Following up on prospects, following up on subscription renewals, confirming invitations, etc… you can call on Webhelp On Demand for numerous situations:

  • Follow-up calls after initial contact with a client (email, trade show, etc.)
  • Checking registrations or subscriptions
  • Re-sending event invitations
  • Satisfaction polls and surveys
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