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At Webhelp Enterprise we have created exactly the right services to support complex B2B buyer interactions end to end. In our Demand Center, we identify, engage and nurture the right personas all the way through the journey to educate, inform, and accelerate decision.

Your challenges

Our experts have defined four key B2B challenges your business may be facing, along with Webhelp’s solution

  • Fragmented landscape: various advertising media, lead generators, data vendors, content marketing agencies, marketing technologies
  • Need for better lead interest detection & immediate sales intervention or risk losing opportunity to competitors
  • Getting quality leads into the funnel. Handoff between marketing & Sales : number of MQLs that become SALs is currently small
  • Getting the pacing of the nurture right
  • KPIs too disparate and not integrated. Non-existing integration of non-email methods of communication (paid ads, paid social, search) to the nurture / lead scoring.
  • For technical reasons, can’t evaluate/sense their level of engagement with content online &
  • Conceptual reasons, can’t see how it all fits together.
  • Work out the CLTV potential in the long term: Annual profit, average customer lifespan , acquisition cost


  • A unique stop shop for the entire B2B Buyer journey
  • Hyper personalized B2B Buyer experience
  • More focused sales rep intervention, more sales!
  • For higher quality leads & accuracy of MQLs and BANTS
  • Better integration of KPI & ROI measurement
  • A/B testing of campaigns & readjustments for optimal run
  • A strategic program


B2B marketing is all about working through the buyer’s journey to educate, inform, select, and renew. At Webhelp we guide our clients through the whole process – from delivering the most effective campaigns with the best technology, to handing MQLs to inside sales. Buyer engagement is at the centre of all we do.

Marketing campaigns are like so much else in technology – “garbage in = garbage out”. Getting the right prospects into your marketing campaign is the most important factor in your success. Webhelp will generate a highly-targeted collection of leads that are likely to respond to contact and nurturing. We deploy a carefully curated mix of digital campaigns to source interested leads and do “real-time” data cleansing to remove inaccurate information and make campaigns more impactful.

We’ll also help you figure out the best and most useful KPIs to measure your campaign, with the end goal of increasing Customer Lifetime Value and ensuring renewal.

Through marketing automation we track a prospect’s interest by seeing how they interact with your campaign, and make sure that they are getting the best and most appropriate content throughout the buyers’ journey.

Using a range of marketing automation and digital intelligence tools, we nurture leads by distributing relevant content via content-heavy email campaigns. We then track prospect activity and score them based on their level of interest. As a prospect’s score increases, they move further along the sales and marketing funnel, receiving increasingly focused and sales-relevant material, until it is time for our experts to engage with them.


We strategically deploy engaging sales people at the most relevant moment to accelerate decision making, and provide inside sales qualification. Our people can focus their energy and expertise on the potential customers who will respond well to it, instead of wasting time and resources on uninterested leads. This approach allows our clients to benefit both financially and in terms of reputation, as they quickly establish themselves as authoritative voices in their field.

Accelerate decision

Inside sales

We provide end-to-end process management from our expert inside sales teams. Continual monitoring and examination of KPIs contributes to ongoing quality while allowing us to take a flexible approach, addressing challenges as they arise.

Also managed end to end by our teams, our indirect sales service is particularly popular with mid-market organisations. We provide a streamlined invoicing process and map out all goals and account actions in full alignment with our clients.

Appointment booking

Our engagement cycle doesn’t end with appointment booking – we consider it one important element of an ongoing process of communication and account management. Appointment making can be done by our own inside sales experts or by our clients’ teams. We can book time with customer field teams or arrange meetings on behalf of clients.

Channel Management

The key to great channel management is planning, communication and ongoing monitoring and evaluation to enable successful, consistent sales from your resellers. It is also essential to be aware that partners will not always be brand loyal, and are often selling competitors’ products and solutions. We promote extensive monitoring and support from our relationship managers to address this challenge, and any others that may arise.

AI in our DNA

Our R&D team designs and optimises AI solutions to enhance how customers and organisations interact. We use AI to automate the sales process and facilitate the self-service journey. This reduces the burden on our people and lets them focus their time and energy on the most productive tasks, reducing costs and maximising efficiency.

For example, one area our team is working on is Robotic Process Automation; this allows automation of ongoing tasks as if a real person were doing them across applications and systems. We also build chatbots that can be deployed on various platforms, including Facebook Messenger.

Webhelp’s differentiating value proposition also lies in data and analytics. Webhelp Enterprise has a dedicated BI team that particularly focuses on the applications of analytics in lead generation and prospect sourcing, as well as increasing cross- and upselling. We also boost conversion and turnover rates by mapping customer journeys. With analytics, we can identify problems before they even begin to affect your customers, and address the root causes of obstacles to progress and improvement.

Webhelp provides outbound inside sales services to Lenovo, using email, webchat and telephone.
Webhelp provides antipiracy services to Microsoft via telephone, webchat and email.
We run different services for Samsung: Webhelp Enterprise Sales Solutions provides inside sales services via outbound calls, webchat and email. Our customer support department handles inbound calls an
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