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Telco and Media

Win. Keep. Grow value.

Your marketplace is characterised by competition and complexity. Customers shop around for the best deal at the best price. Providers fight to stay on top with a dizzying array of product and tariff options that demand highly skilled sales and service provision. Added complexity arises from the increasing levels of convergence between media and telco. All of this, set against a background of reducing margins, makes telco and media one of the most challenging sectors in which to operate. Webhelp’s expertise in media and telco customer service, which extends across the consumer lifecycle – from winning customers to keeping them and growing their value – helps leading players stay strong.

First choice for telco and media

Webhelp works with more brands in your industry than any other customer management provider - from pure play telcos to entertainment specialists and the growing band of businesses that offer combined services.

Webhelp provides inbound customer service in a range of areas, including billing, and outbound telesales.
We handle subscription services for SFR, as well as billing and customer service across multiple channels.
La Poste
We provide customer assistance for different areas of LaPoste, which offers a range of services from insurance to parcel delivery.
Deutsche Telekom
We provide this telecom company with customer service in the areas of billing, orders and subscriptions. Webhelp also runs outbound telesales for Orange.
Canal +
Through Webhelp, Canal+ offers inbound customer service via telephone. Webhelp also provides telemarketing for Canal+ subscriptions through Télésecrétariat, and runs the company’s careers helplin
France 24
Webhelp supports the channel’s subscription service and provides outbound telesales, contacting potential customers.
We handle customer service, telesales and outbound mail for this innovative interactive kiosk provider.
Webhelp runs telesales for Fransat, and offers technical support for the service’s set-top boxes.
Webhelp handles inbound calls for Alcatel, offering customers support with billing, technical support, network information and more. We also handle sales, with both inbound and outbound capability.

Stay ahead of the challenge…

Take an analytics-driven approach to win customers.

Keep customers with an exceptional service experience and targeted retention programmes.

Build customer value through cross and upsell strategies.

Lower your costs without compromising service

Accelerate digital and mobile channels

Use omni-channel technology to improve contact strategies

Win customers

Successful customer acquisition depends on knowing what offer to make to which customer when. We use analytics to estimate the potential value of every new prospect, before targeting them with the most attractive offer possible when they’re most likely to be. We then maximise the performance of our high-calibre sales teams with powerful technologies. In outbound we’re linking diallers to analytics engines to programme the right call at the right time for every advisor, and using intelligent desktops to present the information they’ll need to close the sale. Our multi-faceted knowledge bases allow our people to go further than just telling customers how good your offer is – they can also tell them why it’s better than your competitors’.

Keep customers

To keep customers loyal we deliver an exceptional service experience across the channels they prefer – including the mobile devices they use to consume your services. Our advisors interact with customers via social, chat and traditional phone channels for telco and media clients. At the same time, we’re developing self-service solutions – from online to apps – that let customers ask questions, get information and even upgrade their packages 24 hours a day. And, of course, those self-service applications act as open communication channels that let you engage customers proactively with service information or sales propositions.

In retention programmes we use analytics to predict each customer’s propensity to churn and to identify the lowest cost offer that will tempt them to stay. That means we not only reduce the number of customers lost, but the cost of keeping those who stay.

Build customer value

In a world of complex, multiple offers; of triple play and quad play, the ability to cross- and upsell builds revenue and creates lock-in. Our analytics-driven approach predicts "next best offers" for your customers. Even in service operations our people are empowered to sell, turning cost centres into revenue generators through incremental sales.

Lower your costs

When margins are tight, cost control is vital – but we won’t cut costs by cutting corners. Our demand management strategies identify process improvement opportunities that eradicate unnecessary contact and support the shift to self-service. This, combined with our workforce management expertise, enables us to plan effectively to maximise sales performance and protect service quality during critical seasonal peaks and product launches.

As an international operator, we offer innovative rightshoring opportunities that leverage lower-cost locations with no compromise in service quality. Whatever European markets you need to serve, we have on-, near- and offshore options that support the right channels, with the right skills, at the best price.

Accelerate digital

Our omni-channel approach is boosted by teams dedicated to the development of effective customer journeys across online and social channels. With specialist social listening and digital customer journey design teams we’ll help you leverage the potential of mobile channels to extend customer choice and maximise your sales potential.

Adopt omni-channel technologies

Through partnership and acquisition we’re building a portfolio of leading-edge technologies that can supplement, enrich or replace your legacy systems to accelerate omni-channel customer management.

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