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“Self-Augmented Agent” : Allo-Media & Webhelp are revolutionizing the way call center agents communicate

After several months of collaboration, the two companies have developed an artificial intelligence capable of drastically facilitating conversations between customers and advisors, thereby bringing more value to these conversations.
Allo-Media is the solution creator while Webhelp provides its expertise in customer relationship management and in integrating technologies in the customer experience ecosystem.


Paris, April 10, 2019 – Allo-Media, a French startup specialized in AI for real-time speech recognition and understanding, and Webhelp, the European leader in customer relationship and business process outsourcing, are launching a technology that can radically transform brands’ customer support over the phone. The “Self-Augmented Agent” is born.

Using an artificial intelligence specially designed by Allo-Media, this collaboration has generated a technology capable of augmenting in real time the understanding between advisors and their clients during a conversation. This is a significant step forward in the world of customer relationship management, in which AI’s role is not reduced to automating tasks only. This will allow agents to focus on the problem in the client’s environment and the emotion it generates, and not just on data entry or searching for basic information.


An AI in the service of emotional intelligence

Only 44% of users say they are satisfied with the support provided by brands over the phone. While several artificial intelligence technologies have already been developed with the aim of improving it, they are most often dedicated to automation tasks of limited value. For example, no matter how trained it has been, a chatbot will never be able to respond to all the use cases, emotions, empathy or intonations that are required during a human interaction.

The challenge that Allo-Media and Webhelp have been working on is therefore not to replace the interaction between advisor and client but to improve upon it.


A truly personal assistant for each advisor

During phone calls, advisors are able to access their personal assistant through a task bar. In real time, this assistant helps them process the call and ask the right questions at the right time to carry out the conversation – thus freeing up the advisors’ time so that they can focus on emotional intelligence.

Thanks to the solution’s speech recognition, semantic and emotional analysis capabilities, the information provided is updated in real time and adapts to the conversation topics as well as to the questions asked by the customer.

For example, advisors can access:

Other use cases are under development.


A model of collaboration between a startup and a large corporation

This ambitious project was initiated by Allo-Media 12 months ago. The startup, which is the inventor of the voice cookie, develops the technology and provides the platform – while Webhelp and its 50,000 employees bring their business expertise and CX technology integration know-how.

At the heart of the project, the two actors share the same vision around the role of artificial intelligence in customer relations: an AI, nurtured by human conversations and in the service of human interactions.


More information on the website :

*CGI EBG Pitney Bowes, 2018


About Allo-Media

Founded in 2011 by Romain Sambarino, Allo-Media is a French startup specialized in AI applied to speech recognition and real-time conversation understanding. It has developed a patented “Voice Cookie” technology that enables the real time analysis of conversations between customers and brands, as well as their value evaluation based on online journeys. Actionable data – for marketing and customer relations teams – is immediately structured. Its technology makes it possible to transform contact centers, which are traditionally cost centers, into a massive source of customer data. For Allo-Media, AI applied to speech recognition is not intended to have a machine talk to a human, but to help humans understand themselves better. The startup has convinced many major groups in the insurance (such as Allianz, Awa, Groupama, etc.), utilities (Engie, Total, Butagaz, etc.) and travel industries (, Ponant, Private travel).

To support its growth, Allo-Media has raised 11,5 million euros so far.


About Webhelp

Webhelp is a global leader in business process outsourcing (BPO) specializing in customer experience, payment management, and sales and marketing services through voice, social and digital channels.

Around 50,000 employees at more than 140 sites in 35 countries work to improve interactions between customers and their brands, with a constant focus on quality, social and economic performance that is constantly being optimized. Brands such as Shop Direct, Bouygues, Direct Energie, KPN, Vodafone, La Redoute, Michael Kors, Valentino have trusted Webhelp for years with an unfailing loyalty and it is now more than 1000 customers who rely on Webhelp.

Based in Paris, the company is pursuing and exceeding its very ambitious growth objectives by investing in its teams, in their working environment, and by developing its consulting, analytical and operational capabilities to offer outsourcing and digitalization solutions that meet the challenges of an omnichannel world. Since March 2016, the American investor KKR has held a stake in Webhelp and has been supporting the company in its organic growth projects and external acquisitions.

For more information, visit


Press Contact :

Agence Raoul

Alexandre Costes

06 72 71 97 98


Article by: Marion Windels

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