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Inside Sales – This new generation of B2B salespeople that is changing everything! at last!

The B2B sale has adopted a new model, of American origin. More efficient, it is based on Inside Sellers. Their profile and working methods are presented by Etienne Turion, Webhelp Enterprise CEO. What are the new challenges in the sale of B2B products and services? First of all, a first observation: "cold" contact is largely over in B2B. Call campaigns are no longer launched on...

Transforming your contacts to viable leads

With the fierce competition in today’s business world, it is survival of the fittest. Small companies are compelled to work extra hard in order to grow and keep up with the rest when identifying new leads and finding new contacts. Converting a contact into a promising lead is certainly not a walk...

How does personalization change the customer experience ?

How does your brand position itself ? Is it customer relationship standardised or personalised ? What were the guiding principles that guided you ? We asked these questions to three specialists. Here they provide us with their answers, use cases and operational advice. All these are ways to move...

Frilly, the designer is the customer !

On, in a few clicks, the customer can choose to configure her clothing, according to her tastes and personality. The garment is entirely made by a craftsman, at an average cost of $100 to $300. Deciphering by Stéphane Rebert, Director of The Nest by Webhelp. Frilly : the designer is...

How does a mobile operator improve ROI… Thanks to sociostyles ?

This telecom operator wanted to improve the ROI of certain mobile services. It has achieved this by segmenting its customers according to the sociostyles method, proposed by Webhelp. The customers of this mobile operator used to benefit from average and expensive processing. In the context of an...

UX Customization : More loyalty for more commitment

"Why should we customize the customer experience, or UX ? The main challenge of personalization is to save time for your audience. Indeed, the more the information displayed corresponds to my expectations, the more I save my cognitive load. The advantage of personalization is that when it is well executed, it allows to generate more loyalty and commitment from its customers, without generating...

Luxury, ultra-personalization

Customer loyalty is key to a brand's strategy, and this is also true for a Luxury Brands. To achieve this, a good customer experience is no longer enough. Ultra-personalization appears to be a successful strategy - an integral part of "Luxperience". To implement it, or to optimize it, here are the...

Omnichannel and smarter sales assistance

Our recent YouGov research revealed that around 10% of customers admit to buying products online using their phone whilst still in-store. This is a customer who is in a store looking at a product and buying the same item online before even leaving. Just ten per cent may not sound significant, but...

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