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B-Case – How a bank manages the KYC of a B2B marketplace… through a non-dissuasive process?

This major international bank manages, through its specialized internal electronic money institution, all the Financial flows of its B2C marketplace clients. It has chosen to entrust the entire process of identifying and onboarding salespeople to Webhelp KYC Services. A solution that has validated more than 10,000 vendors in a few months on an international scale.   This bank's B2C...

Three opinions – Trust, what role in your customer relationship?

Where does trust lie in your customer relationship? We asked this question to three specialists, who chose to place it at the heart of their companies' concerns. To complement their testimonies, we also conducted an investigation to identify the drivers of trust. Here are some of the most cited....

Chatbot HR: a new recruitment channel for Webhelp Morocco

Inès, the Webhelp HR chatbot answers candidates' questions live, as explained by Marion Barcessat, HR Development Director at Webhelp.  Where are the future employees of Webhelp Morocco? On Facebook, most likely. This is because of their age, their affinity with digital and social...

[TRAVEL] The 3 trends of innovative tourism platforms

Several platforms have recently made their mark in the travel sector, during VivaTech 2019 or various events. Quite new or growing, some of them could change the game! At this stage, they are emblematic of 3 promising trends, as explained by Carole Rousseau, Director of the Travel, Transportation...

Growth – How Air Caraïbes has set a course towards trust?

An exemplary consistency. From customer relations to CSR and HR, including pricing: at Air Caraïbes, everything contributes to creating a satisfying customer experience. The in-depth testimony of Patrick Malval, President of Air Caraïbes - a visionary, whose very inspiring, and a little alarmist,...

Fintech, Assurtech, Regtech – 5 challenges of the customer experience

Small or large, Fintechs, Assurtechs and Regtechs have common challenges. Hence the relevance of offering them targeted support, via a dedicated offer, as Thomas Duermael, Fintech Development Manager, explains within the Financial Services Business Unit at Webhelp. Before detailing the 5 main challenges of this market, let us recall some elements of context and recent developments: there...

[AUTOMOTIVE] Industry pivot to a model of service… and the client experience becomes central!

The automotive industry has undergone a profound transformation: from a proprietary model to a service model. The Customer experience is crucial, as Jalil Lahlou, Director of the Automotive & Mobility Business Unit at Webhelp, explains. Own a car or access a car? At the global level, the...

Growing startup – Your startup should not one day turn into customer service!

This is the eternal debate in growing startups: will our customer experience always have to remain internal, or will we have to outsource it in the long run? Because there is a "risk" of gradually transforming your startup into customer service! To contribute to this strategic reflection, the...

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