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Customer Experience

Engineering the customer experience: from easy to exceptional

When creating customer experiences we’re driven by two imperatives:

Make it easy. Make it exceptional.

Reducing customer effort encourages loyalty, preventing the frictions that can lead to discontent and defection.

Making the customer experience exceptional creates the “wow factor” that sets you apart. It’s the source of loyalty, advocacy and true competitive advantage.

We want you to have both loyalty and advocacy: customers that love you and tell their friends they do. So, we’ve built the capability to design, measure and constantly improve the customer experience. And we empower our teams to deliver that experience with confidence and passion.


Our customer journey design teams will help you whether you want to design a customer journey from scratch or refine one you already have. We use analytics to understand how customers currently interact, where points of friction might arise and how they can be avoided. We focus on “easy” first; making it simple, quick and intuitive for customers to get what they need. Then we look for “exceptional” – the extra that enhances your brand and brings delight. Taking an omni-channel approach, we design journeys that are seamless and consistent, however customers choose to interact. And we look for ways to bring digital channels – accessible for customers and cost effective for you – to the fore.


Because “easy” is the source of loyalty and “exceptional” the source of advocacy, we calculate both customer effort score and Net Promoter Score (NPS) on every client programme. When it comes to customer effort we look first at speed to resolve and first time resolution. Improving these measures boosts satisfaction and retention. It also has the happy side effect of reducing operational effort (and cost) for you. When it comes to NPS we like to be precise. By contacting customers immediately after every interaction and asking about its impact on their likelihood to recommend, we get a true measure of our impact on advocacy.


In every client engagement we manage for continuous improvement. Dedicated analysts within our Performance Insight teams constantly evaluate both operational and Voice of the Customer (VOC) data from every client programme. They use it to provide our operational and account managers with proactive improvement recommendations. Within every account team we have a customer advocate – responsible for making sure that the customers’ interests are considered in every operational decision we make. With this rigorous, analytics-based approach, we ensure that the customer experience we deliver gets better and better over time.


Whether taking a call, engaging over social or supporting a digital interaction through webchat, the advisor has a central role in delivering the customer experience. We train our advisors to be passionate advocates of your brand and empower them to make good decisions fast.

Their own performance is measured according to the impact they have on customer effort and NPS scores – ahead of standard operational KPIs. Our employee engagement programmes reinforce the difference they can make. At 111° water is hot. At 112° it boils, creating steam that can power a locomotive. We show advisors how, by raising their performance by a single degree, they can be a powerhouse of customer experience excellence.

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