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Cost Reduction

Low cost – no compromise

We’ll remove cost from your business without compromising the customer experience you deliver or the business value it builds.

Our first step will be to create new ways to interact with customers that are efficient, effective and generate results. In service operations that means resolving issues fast at first contact. In sales it means prioritising attention on those customers most likely to buy.

Our second step will be to deliver those interactions across the most appropriate channels from the best locations with a lean, motivated and passionate workforce.

Because good financial performance balances cost and revenue, we’ll never propose any cost management action that puts revenues or customer relationships at risk. What’s more, we’ll underpin our performance promise by linking our remuneration to the business value we deliver.


Managing demand

We use analytics to identify unnecessary customer contacts that add cost without value and frustrate your customers. We’ll eradicate them by introducing process changes in our organisation or yours that prevent customer issues arising. And we’ll use digital channels or intelligent IVR to provide proactive information that answers questions before they’re asked.

Refining interactions

Analytics is also the starting point for refining the customer experience. We’ll design interactions that resolve issues or complete transactions quickly, with minimal effort for your customer and minimal cost for you.

Living the lifecycle

Instead of looking at interactions in isolation we prefer to manage across the customer lifecycle. In this way we can introduce changes at the start of relationships that make them easier to manage as they progress. For example, our proactive onboarding programmes have been proven to reduce future contacts – and to establish a solid foundation for long tenure and high spend.

Maximising sales

We pay as much attention to cost of sale as revenue generation. We use advanced data modelling and predictive analytics to target sales opportunities where revenue potential and propensity to buy are highest. That means we make more sales with higher value at lower cost.



We’ve built an extensive network of lower-cost locations. But even here, our decisions aren’t driven by cost alone. Offshore locations are always cheaper on paper, but only deliver ROI if they add value. We measure our offshore performance by the percentage of ‘compliant’ interactions we deliver – interactions that meet our clients’ targets for customer experience and revenue generation as well as productivity. In many of our contracts compliant interactions are the only ones our clients pay for. We think that’s fair. If a contact delivers no value, why should you pay?


We all know digital channels operate at a fraction of the cost of the phone. Use our complete channel portfolio to match appropriate channels to appropriate tasks. We’ll automate simple processes where possible and reserve human contact for the times customers need it most or it adds most value.

Where we really stand out from the crowd is in our ability to operate across channels. We use integrated technologies and journey design to ensure customers receive a consistent joined-up experience however they make contact and even when they channel hop.

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