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Olivier Poggioli

Directeur Business Unit Services Financiers

Diplômé d’HEC (1994), il commence sa carrière chez EDF par un VIE à Barcelone (Espagne) puis en tant que Responsable Grands Comptes en charge des clients éligibles En 2000, il rejoint Alten Technologies au poste de Responsable puis Directeur d’Agence avant d’intégrer Capgemini en tant que Directeur des Ventes. En 2005 il cofonde Adhao, opérateur d’un centre de contacts à Dakar (Sénégal) avant de rejoindre Webhelp en 2009 en tant que Directeur des Ventes en charge du développement du portefeuille de clients Bancassurance. Depuis 2010 il occupe le poste de Directeur de Business Unit Services Financiers. Il est le garant de la bonne exécution des prestations confiées par les clients du secteur ainsi que du développement de ce portefeuille clients.

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Sales and service need to merge to really offer a great CX

For a long time, I have been arguing that companies need to rethink their service, sales, and marketing process. These processes need to be completely integrated with the customer service team - as a customer contact hub - because customers don’t think of a company as distinct silos or functions - to them your company is just a brand. Yet, too many companies still have all these different...

Artificial Intelligence: a new era of transformation for customer relations

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: A LEVER TO INCREASE HUMAN CAPITAL  (Catherine Fauchoux – Global Innovation Research Manager)   As European market leader in customer experience, we are conscious that Artificial Intelligence is going to transform our sector in a lasting way. Moreover, our...

Webhelp Unveils the UK’s Favourite Insurers

LONDON, UK, March 29, 2018 – Aviva, Post Office, Petplan and Direct Line top the charts of the UK’s favourite insurers according to the latest research commissioned by leading global customer experience and BPO expert, Webhelp. Aviva was the most popular choice of insurer for home...


How often are travellers using digital methods? What channels are customers using most frequently? And has the internet, as many predicated, replaced the traditional travel agent?   The Travel Industry is one sector that many people believed would be disrupted the most following the...

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