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HEROtsc salutes heroes at the Glasgow Science Centre

£1000 cheques for six as HEROtsc reward super staff in gala night of celebration.

For the second year in succession, Scotland’s biggest city saw its population increase for the day as over 170 HEROtsc staff from around its UK-wide network of 10 sites joined in a celebration of some fantastic individual achievements in the past year as the Our HEROES campaign 2012 came to a dazzling conclusion.

Once again, the attendees were nominated by their fellow workers as the company looked to find star performers in six main categories – with the enticing prize of a £1,000 cheque waiting for the winner of each. In addition, in this Olympic year each winner also received a gold medal

With staff from each sites rooting unashamedly for their workmates, there were great celebrations as the winners were announced. They were:

As well as the overall winners, there was deserved praise and compliments for those who made the short list of awards – underlined by the difficult job the judges had to make when faced with such a barrage of praise and skilful performances.

Even some of the Sky TV’s best know presenters – joined in on the act in a special video link!

Praising all who had been nominated, CEO David Turner acknowledged another year of fantastic performances by HEROtsc staff. He said:

“I thought last year’s inaugural event was a fantastic night and I wanted all the staff who attended to go back to their various sites and tell their workmates how good a night they had had – and encourage even more nominations for this year.

You are the reason we can do that. I salute you all. – Chairman, Sunil Kant Munjal

“That worked, it is great to see a representation from all over the HEROtsc estate including our relatively new sites in Derby and Glasgow. I hope to see lots more from these centres this time next year.

“This is the event which recognises and rewards the staff who go that extra mile in their day to day work. It is that attitude which separates HEROtsc from our rivals.”

Handling out the medals, certificates and £1000 cheques, Chairman Sunil Kant Munjal also praised not only the winners and attendees at the event, but asked those at the Glasgow event to pass on his grateful thanks to all their colleagues across the UK for another year of superb efforts.

He commented, “When HERO took over the company five years ago, we had seven sites and around 2000 employees. We now have 10 sites, 5500 employees and have the determination, focus and professionalism to keep expanding.

“You are the reason we can do that. I salute you all.”

There wasn’t just praise from the management for HEROtsc staff. In a special video clip pulled together by client Sky, some of the broadcaster’s best known presenters thanked the staff for a great year and wished them all the best on the night – a great gesture much appreciated by all.

And then it was on with the party.

The evening had started with a number from Fierce Pro Dancers, joined at the end of their routine by members of the senior management team in an enthusiastic if somewhat flawed Flash Mob dance.

And it ended with more dancing as local band The White Room provided the music for a lively end to the evening, which saw every table contributing to a collection for the Prince’s Trust, charity, which as been the focus of a number of company fund-raising events in the recent months.

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