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Speech Analytics: Improving the Customer Experience

This week’s #techenabler vlog. Chris Bryson, Global Analytics Director at Webhelp, discusses about the importance of speech analytics in customer...

Paris Retail Week: Impresee

This week’s #techenabler vlog. Webhelp Innovation team spent some time at the Paris Retail...

WhatsApp launches new business features for customer service

This week's #techenabler vlog. Webhelp Innovation Director David Pattman's view on the...

The strategic C-suite role and digital transformation

This week's #techenabler vlog. Webhelp Innovation Director David Pattman's view of the future...

Brands can define their culture just by talking to customers

One of the more exciting aspects of customer service moving from phones and email to a wide variety...

Why data breaches are disastrous for retail brands

Over the past two years, retail has suffered more data breaches than any other industry. Security breaches are particularly troubling for retail...

Voice-activated retail: what does it mean for you?

Conversational commerce is a rapidly emerging trend; one which is creating convenient...

Retailers hope for a boost as Alipay is now accepted in the UK

Alipay is one of the leading mobile-based payment systems in China. It’s a part of the enormous...

Should retailers fear AI or is it now essential?

For a long time, I have talked about artificial intelligence as an enabling tool that should help...

Cloud Technology: Why you should be investing

In the wake of the Forbes Cloud 100, our Innovation Director Dave Pattman looks at cloud...

What impact will AI have on the role of contact centre advisors?

There has been a huge focus on how technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine...

Will drones reduce delivery times from hours to minutes?

A few months ago Amazon began delivering orders by drone in the UK. Their drone experiment has...

Customer Experience: Top Three Disruptive Innovation Trends

This week, Webhelp's Innovation Director Dave Pattman headed to Germany to visit our site in Dortmund. This got him thinking about three major...

How banks can use cx to differentiate their service

The banking and financial services industry is changing faster than ever as a result of customer...

Will work at home completely change how experienced people work?

Think about these three businesses or social changes that we are all observing today and see if you...

Facebook chatbots and the implications for CX

Facebook chatbots recently hit the headlines when engineers had to shut down an experiment...

Your brand is defined by the customer experience, not marketing campaigns

The analyst company Gartner has been publishing great advice on the customer experience for many...

Five questions brands need to ask about digital cx

A fascinating feature by McKinsey recently listed five key areas where brands need to focus if...

Is omni-channel essential for delivering a great cx?

How many times have you read customer experience experts talking about how it is essential to...

Can retail banks compete with fintech on cx?

I don’t remember that Bill Gates once called retail banks ‘dinosaurs’, but I was reminded of his statement by a recent article in the Harvard...

VivaTech 2017 – The Future of AI and the Patient Journey, Presented by Direct Medica

Jérôme Stevens, founder and CEO of Direct Medica*, spoke at a panel discussion held on June 15 by...

Customers will spend more if they receive great service

More than a decade ago, there was a consumer backlash in some industries against the offshore...

How secure is your work at home contact centre strategy?

My colleague Helen mentioned in her last article the benefits of deploying a work at home strategy...

Four advantages of a work at home cx strategy

Work at home strategies are going mainstream, especially in areas such as customer service where...

Prime Wardrobe may change how we all buy clothes

It feels like ancient history now, but back long ago (the nineties) there was an online fashion retailer called Boo crashed and burned in...

How is the in-store retail customer experience evolving?

American retailers appear to be facing a crisis. Brands like JC Penney, American Apparel, and...

Build trust in your brand and customers will happily share their data

My colleague Helen recently blogged about the results of an interesting Webhelp survey on...

Data security: great CX is no longer just focused on loyalty

Webhelp undertook a survey recently to explore personalisation in the banking industry. One...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Good customer service makes a big difference in retail banking

Can good customer service determine whether people are happy with banks holding and using their...

Retail: how phygital reinvents home and customer journeys

Physical + digital = phygital. Is this the new equation for success? Several major brands are betting it is, and launching experiments in France...

Webhelp Invites You to VivaTech 2017

Come and join us at VivaTechnology 2017! On June 15th, the Webhelp team will offer you the...

How banking will be personalised in 2018

A recent research report on the need for banks to offer a much more personalised service raises...

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