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Four advantages of a work at home cx strategy

Work at home strategies are going mainstream, especially in areas such as customer service where there are many advantages to having a diverse pool...

Prime Wardrobe may change how we all buy clothes

It feels like ancient history now, but back long ago (the nineties) there was an online fashion...

Build trust in your brand and customers will happily share their data

My colleague Helen recently blogged about the results of an interesting Webhelp survey on...

Data security: great CX is no longer just focused on loyalty

Webhelp undertook a survey recently to explore personalisation in the banking industry. One...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Good customer service makes a big difference in retail banking

Can good customer service determine whether people are happy with banks holding and using their...

Retail: how phygital reinvents home and customer journeys

Physical + digital = phygital. Is this the new equation for success? Several major brands are betting it is, and launching experiments in France...

Webhelp Invites You to VivaTech 2017

Come and join us at VivaTechnology 2017! On June 15th, the Webhelp team will offer you the...

How banking will be personalised in 2018

A recent research report on the need for banks to offer a much more personalised service raises...

United: three steps to avoiding a similar customer backlash

The recent problems of United Airlines have been well documented and I wouldn’t like to...

What does great customer service sound like?

My colleague David recently blogged about delivering the experience your customers expect and...

Delivering the experience your customers expect

Imagine if 93% of your customers said they all want the same thing. Would you build a strategy...

Does customer service still need the human touch?

Technology is changing how brands and customers interact faster than ever; almost everything we...

Helping customers beat card fraud with biometric security

Mastercard recently announced a new version of their cards that features a built-in fingerprint recognition system. This is an important...

Do banks really need a CX makeover?

In 2014, Time Magazine wrote that the banking industry needs a critical customer service...

Would you prefer human or AI customer service?

Artificial intelligence or a human; which would you prefer to answer the phone when you call a...

Research: More CX interactions, but they are changing

My colleague Helen recently blogged about the release of Dimension Data’s Global CX...

Just 13% of execs believe they offer a great CX

Is your customer experience (CX) a mess? New research from Dimension Data suggests that...

Banking needs a CX wake-up call

Recently, DBR Media in the US published their digital banking report. This research analyses...

Does MWC prove that banks and fintechs now want to work together?

The latest Mobile World Congress (MWC) event recently closed in Barcelona. MWC is the biggest...

75% of retail executives plan to monitor customers with beacons

My colleague Helen recently blogged about beacons, citing some recent research from Google exploring how a more open approach to managing beacons...

How beacons will assist the retail omni-channel

Beacons are physical landmarks that communicate with mobile devices. They can be extremely...

Applying Pokémon GO to Retail

Last year the game Pokémon GO suddenly exploded across the world and became the latest trend...

Improving customer service by improving customer experience

Customer service and customer experience are often used interchangeably in many business...

How tech could cut your insurance bill in half

Imagine if you could cut your insurance bill in half - why would you refuse such an offer?...

CX trends in travel for 2017 – The year of action

CIO Magazine in New Zealand recently published a detailed report written by a group of Forrester analysts focused on what they call a ‘year of...

Moving customers from loyalty to advocacy

In the lifecycle of a relationship between brands and customers there are several stages, as...

What is the future for bank cards?

The trusty bank card has been with us for half a century now - Barclays bank started issuing...

Could a bank offer you a loan based on your social network profile?

Securing a bank loan has never been particularly easy. As bank services have gone online it’s...

The state of omni-channel in 2017

New research from the USA shows that shoppers are now almost evenly split on whether they shop...

Are you still piloting omni-channel initiatives?

It’s no surprise that some companies have struggled to get their omni-channel initiatives off the ground. The pace of change and the fact that...

The Role that New Technology will Have in the Customer Experience

New innovations are changing the customer experience. Developments in artificial intelligence are...

How are Fintech Apps Challenging the Retail Banking Industry?

Fintech apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay have started redefining our wallets. Who needs cash...

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