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Webhelp has provided B2B sales services since 2002, mostly in the information technology sector. Our multilingual inside sales and telesales services cover 159+ countries and over 36 languages, and we have a team of 270 people and counting.

Our approach is closer to full account management than standard telesales. We undertake a complex planning and alignment process before launching any client campaign; this incorporates everything from scope assessment and recruitment to knowledge transfer and the creation of an IT environment.

As soon as a campaign goes live, we start to engage accounts in accordance with client processes and definitions. We customise our service delivery as necessary, based on geography and local culture as well as language, and always in alignment with client processes.


The fundamentals of B2B sales at Webhelp are:

Marketing intelligence

  • We maintain strong links between the marketing department and the product and solution specialists on our B2B sales teams. This enables fast, effective message delivery and allows us to base cross- and upselling strategy on insights like Voice of the Customer.

Accounts qualification

  • Our communication with client accounts has to be relevant and effective, and we don’t waste time on contacts that will not deliver results for our clients.

Regular activity planning

  • We strategize and plan our activities on a monthly and quarterly basis, with monthly updates and fine tuning to ensure consistently high-quality service delivery.

Competition monitoring

  • Awareness of the current marketplace and the activity of your competition is crucial to staying on top. This process is particularly useful when engaging customers who are likely to shop around.

Creating a “reason to call” environment

  • We adjust contact guidelines for our people based on the latest marketing strategies, competition actions and customer activities. All account actions are uploaded to the CRM in order to establish the next steps.

Quality assessment

  • Regular call listening to assess campaign impact and quality empowers us to progressively strategize based on results. Monitoring for customer engagement, as well as examining call statistics and CRM data, means we can accurately evaluate the contribution that our B2B sales services are making to our clients.

In addition to our work in the technology vertical, Webhelp offers B2B sales solutions to clients in a range of other sectors. Contact our regional expert to learn how we could improve your B2B customer experience.


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