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B2B lead generation and telemarketing have been part of the service offered by Webhelp Enterprise Sales Solutions since 1997. With considerable knowledge of B2B marketing in general and the possibilities of B2B telemarketing in particular, we are ideally positioned to improve your business across the board. Our strategy is to create a solid lead generation “engine”, powered by data and maintained by monitoring and client communication.

It takes around two weeks for Webhelp to set up a lead generation engine, followed by an average of two months of testing. The testing process includes collecting feedback from targeted accounts, strategy adjustment where needed, and monitoring and evaluating the impact that the campaign is having on demand generation and revenue.


Scoping and alignment

Several elements go into creating a lead generation engine before the launch of a campaign, including:

  • Fully aligning ourselves with client goals, expectations, processes and targets.

Building a Virtual Team

  • Defining and allocating the key roles for the lead generation campaign. These experts collaborate daily during setup and execution.

Data mining and cleansing

  • Building an accounts list and validating it to ensure we are using clean, accurate data.


  • Segmenting data for more effective targeting and tailored conversations.

Structuring message delivery

  • Ensuring that the contacts made by our lead generation teams are productive and that all conversations are aligned with our campaign targets. We then map contact guidelines in the CRM for analysis and feedback collection.

Creating deliverables

  • Everything from email attachments to contact templates is developed in line with campaign goals.
  • Defining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each campaign allows us to measure success and make changes accordingly.

Defining metrics

Once a campaign has gone live, we have a range of processes for consistent evaluation. We aim to power continuous improvement and success through strategizing and assessment.

Timeline evaluation

  • We constantly assess our service delivery timeline in light of feedback from customers and the data captured by the CRM.

Quality assurance and monitoring

  • Monitoring for call quality and examining KPIs like email click-through and bid requests contributes to the ongoing high quality of our services.

Ongoing data analysis

  • We share reports with clients regularly that enable you to see the progress of the campaign. Our Virtual Team consistently evaluates results and executes any necessary changes.

B2B lead generation and telemarketing is a huge driver of demand and success. To learn how we can engineer the ideal experience for your customers and generate substantial ROI, contact our regional expert.

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