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Industry: Public Sector

Digital channels have provided a range of new ways for citizens to interact with public service providers - but they have also heightened their expectations. Now more than ever, people want to reach you on a channel they choose, at a time that suits them. Investing in self-service and omni-channel engagement with a knowledgeable partner is now essential to achieving citizen satisfaction.

Your Business Priorities

Identifying your business priorities is the first step to identifying areas of improvement that will benefit both your brand and your customers. Whether these involve customer experience directly or not, they can all drive positive transformation.

Once you have found the areas where you can make a change, it's time to consider how they will apply to your brand and the differences they could make to your customers. Do you need to transform to get to where you want to be?

Your Outsourced Services

Outsourcing is no longer just a cost saver - now it is a quality driver, empowering brands to reduce outgoings by streamlining service to shape customer experiences around their preferences as well as your business needs.

Whether you already outsource services, or want to start doing so, it's important to remember that the right outsourcing relationship is always a partnership; one where everyone is equally invested in success.

Integrate Your Solutions

Capable solution design and integration means taking an engineered approach - tailoring suggestions and plans for improvement specifically to every brand, rather than taking a "one-size-fits-all" approach.


Operational reorganisation or relocation

Adapting the way you deliver your services is a win-win. Innovations like self-service and digital contact channels will improve satisfaction with your department while reducing the pressure on your budget.

Technical Support

Multilingual technical support hubs are rapidly becoming an essential tool for outsourcers looking to serve clients across multiple scales and locations; and these can operate independently of operational change elsewhere in the business.

Technical Consulting

The right technology is key to positive business change. The right consultants can offer a combination of new solutions or bespoke tools that is adaptable to existing legacy systems, and implement training without increasing operational disruption.

Data & Analytics Consulting

Data and analytics have opened up opportunities for companies looking to evolve; and outsourcers are ideally positioned to find the root causes of customer issues by analysing contact patterns across multiple channels and implementing solutions.


Harnessing big data

Predictive analytics allow public sector bodies to anticipate times of peak demand, for everything from ambulance services to parking wardens. This empowers both cost-saving and a huge increase in efficiency across the board.

Technical Support

Big data in technical support makes possible to identify the issues that are most affecting customers and what can be done to solve them. Business intelligence tools can then flag up if updates or fix rollouts are required.

Technical Consulting

Effective technical consulting ensures you have the right resources to exploit Big Data, and don't waste time on information you won't use. Your partner should then guide you on how to act on this insight, and what realistic changes you can make.

Data & Analytics Consulting

Good data and analytics consulting should offer more than just suggestions and ideas - it should use concepts like the Voice of the Customer to provide actionable insight that clients can take advantage of quickly, without making extensive changes.


Customer experience transformation

Transforming the customer experience in the public sector means responding to what your citizens want. Whether that's the option to pay council tax online or download information for emergencies, you can make the right changes to accommodate that.

Technical Support

Outsourced providers can offer omni-channel tech support via advisors with substantial product knowledge. The right partnership can provide solutions to keep both advisors and clients up to date on issues that could impact the customer experience.

Technical Consulting

Without the right technologies, brands cannot offer competitive service across the range of channels that customers expect. Omni-channel solutions and intelligent business tools can be found and tailored to your needs by the right consultancy team.

Data & Analytics Consulting

Strategic use of data and insight powers transformation by highlighting the issues that impact customers. Insight teams can then make recommendations on how to improve the customer experience, and often reduce costs at the same time.


Integrating customer contact channels

Integrating contact channels gives the people contacting you power over how and when they get in touch, and makes the process easier for them. You can also reduce contact by making self-service an option, keeping costs down in the process.

Technical Support

Support interactions can integrate contact channels while enabling self-service. When customers are online looking for answers, proactive webchat can take that support to the next level. This integration drives advocacy and enables demand reduction.

Technical Consulting

Consulting services should incorporate a range of integration options and offer varying degrees of adaptability. At minimum, you should leave a consulting session with a clear idea of what is needed to reach the next stage of channel implementation.

Data & Analytics Consulting

Using data and analytics, outsourcers can identify issues with specific contact channels. This insight also offers a strong business case for channel integration, if one is needed, as it provides knowledge of how customers want to be served.


Improve customer advocacy

Driving customer advocacy requires reducing the amount of effort they have to put in to get what they want. Using digital and self-serve channels, and analytics to identify and resolve sticking points, means that advocacy comes naturally.

Technical Support

Outsourcers are now providing skilled tech support services from purpose-designed multilingual hubs. Providing tech professionals with intensive training in customer service produces an experience that consistently drives advocacy.

Technical Consulting

In a digital marketplace, brands need to find or develop a software solution that allows seamless omni-channel interaction. By taking customer contact to digital channels, companies with the right tech make advocacy as simple as hitting "retweet".

Data & Analytics Consulting

Using data to identify the issues that most impact customers is one of the strongest drivers of customer advocacy. Customer experience providers can combine tackling problems as they arise as well with ongoing improvement of day-to-day service.

Finding the right solutions means investing in expert help; ideally a team that takes a scientific approach. Using the right tools to find the answers your business needs will save a lot of time, energy and trial and error in the future.

Industry Insights

Industry research has demonstrated the advantages of taking a forward-thinking, digital approach, making the most of new technologies as opportunities to efficiently improve the customer and client experience.

At the moment, there is tremendous potential for service transformation to align with changing customer expectations - and they aren't going to stop changing any time soon, so that improvement must leave room for you to keep evolving.


Every brand is different; but the common reality is that a customer-oriented, digitally-focused approach can drive real improvement for clients, customers and teams. Drastic changes are coming in the way that we engage with customers, and how they advocate for us. With that in mind, it's worth considering new options - like digital contact or AI - to explore how they can benefit your business.