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Top workplace design tips to motivate your people

15th May 2015

Creating an inspiring work environment for your people can prove a powerful tool for growth. Research indicates that innovative workspaces serve as a foundation for an effective, engaged workforce.[1] Businesses that adopt collaborative workspaces are better equipped to ensure employee satisfaction and improved productivity.

The way in which people learn is also heavily influenced by the professional environment. The classroom set up may be the best fit for baby boomers, but generation Y require a more creative, interactive way of learning.[2]  Creative workspaces can help inform training programmes and promote effective learning across all the generations.

When we create an environment, we cater for a multi-generation workforce by developing a multi-layered base. Fostering ground-breaking innovative spaces helps our people to feel engaged while they learn and grow in their career.

Here’s our top tips to implementing an original, inspiring and inventive working environment:


I’m on LinkedIn if you want to talk more about how your environment can drive engagement.


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Andy Doig
Article by: Andy Doig

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