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How beacons will assist the retail omni-channel

Beacons are physical landmarks that communicate with mobile devices. They can be extremely useful in determining the exact location of a phone...

Applying Pokémon GO to Retail

Last year the game Pokémon GO suddenly exploded across the world and became the latest trend...

Improving customer service by improving customer experience

Customer service and customer experience are often used interchangeably in many business...

How tech could cut your insurance bill in half

Imagine if you could cut your insurance bill in half - why would you refuse such an offer?...

CX trends in travel for 2017 – The year of action

CIO Magazine in New Zealand recently published a detailed report written by a group of...

Moving customers from loyalty to advocacy

In the lifecycle of a relationship between brands and customers there are several stages, as most of you may already know. In an ideal world, the...

What is the future for bank cards?

The trusty bank card has been with us for half a century now - Barclays bank started issuing...

Could a bank offer you a loan based on your social network profile?

Securing a bank loan has never been particularly easy. As bank services have gone online it’s...

Shifting Focus to the Retail Banking Customers

In their review of the banking industry for 2015, McKinsey & Company suggested that 60% of...

The Bank of the Future Will Be Online and Personal

Recent research from McKinsey & Company suggests that the bank of the future will be...

How Innovative Is The Insurance Industry?

The insurance industry has always been about placing bets... The customer pays a small premium...

Payment: The third wave of omni-channel expectations

Many retail omni-channel discussions have focused on two distinct areas of how companies...

Digital transformation is changing banking from the ground up

Think of any industry and then think for a moment about how digital transformation is changing the marketplace. It’s easy to see that digital...

How smart are AI chatbots today?

Last year Facebook launched a chatbot facility inside Facebook messenger. It created the...

Online retail is booming. How can other retailers react?

New research from RBC indicates that one of the key trends for 2017 is going to be an explosion...

The state of omni-channel in 2017

New research from the USA shows that shoppers are now almost evenly split on whether they shop...

Retail in China 2017: Will customers prefer real stores over online?

Forrester research published a report recently that suggests the Chinese retail market is now...

Are you still piloting omni-channel initiatives?

It’s no surprise that some companies have struggled to get their omni-channel initiatives off...

Smart Sales – Transforming the B2B Sales Process

I’ve always been interested in sales. Not just the act of selling itself, but the psychology...

How are Fintechs Transforming the Banking Industry?

In 1997, Clayton Christensen published his seminal book ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’. The Economist magazine called it one of the 6 most...

Omni-channel in Retail is Essential for Success in 2017

I’ve often commented about the importance of omni-channel for all sectors, but particularly...

The Role that New Technology will Have in the Customer Experience

New innovations are changing the customer experience. Developments in artificial intelligence are...

Smart Sales and How B2B Relationships Are Changing

B2B relationships, and the sales that result from them, are a fascinating topic. The psychology...

The Late Payments Epidemic

  Outstanding invoices are a nightmare for any company. Business leaders already have...

How Omni-channel Serves Customers During Sales Events

It seems there are now more sales events than ever. Black Friday back in November was just the latest in a series of retail developments leading...

How are Fintech Apps Challenging the Retail Banking Industry?

Fintech apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay have started redefining our wallets. Who needs cash...

Is There a Danger for Retail Brands of Getting Over-Personal?

I was pleased to see that Deloitte listed personalisation as one of their top six trends for...

Personalisation Is Changing the Retail Customer Journey

Personalisation can sound like a buzzword. It’s one of those customer experience trends that...

Can Large Companies Really Offer Personalised Service?

Offering a personalised service in a small business is relatively easy. I have a local cafe...

Customer Personalisation – Where Can It All Go Wrong?

Getting customer personalisation right is tricky enough, but when you factor in all the ways it could go wrong, the prospect becomes extremely...

Privacy and Personalisation: What Do Customers Expect?

Late last year the industry analyst firm Gartner published a report titled “The Customer...

Singles Day and Black Friday: CX Ideas from China

November 11th was Singles Day in China. This is a holiday to celebrate pride in being single,...

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