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Insight Partnership with a Major Telco Provider

NPS Increase
Reduction in voice volume


Webhelp has been working with this major telco client since 2004, providing customer experience management services to over 19 million UK customers.


After the successful implementation of a new operating and CRM system, which saw over 30 systems combined into one single seamless interface. Our client was looking to conduct a programme of debugging and transformational improvements to deliver excellent customer experience through a series of process, policy, technology and behavioural changes.

This in turn would aim to lead to a reduction in contact volumes, especially on the more expensive voice channel.

With our client also transitioning a significant portion of their advisor base to new nearshore sites, this process aimed to support as seamless a transition as possible.


To help deliver these changes our client created an Insight and Analytical forum which aimed to:

  • Identify the root cause of customer issues that existed post-estate transition and new system integration
  • Develop and test solutions to eliminate customer issues whilst providing an excellent customer-centric multichannel contact experience 

The client invited Webhelp to support in this model using our extensive expertise in operations, insight and analytics.

A meticulous, structured and customer data-led collaborative programme allowed for a series of business transformational initiatives to be undertaken, all of which were designed based on the perceptions and experiences of our customers and quantified by data.

Eliminating customer issues

Identifying and eliminating major customer issues which were creating distress, dissatisfaction and contact volume was the primary focus, which then resulted in a phased deployment of people, process, policy and system fixes.


Behavioural solutions and best practice identification through analytics were deployed, supported by advisor feedback gathered in Labs and Discovery sessions. Improvement initiatives are delivered through engagement, with our advisors helping to identify solutions to key impact areas via an online survey, and participating in innovative facilitated sessions.

The operation:

Our customer experience enhancements included:

  • Complete redesign and deployment of customer digital application giving
    greater customer control and billing access and accuracy
  • Altered Data Protection Act (DPA) process to reduce customer effort without
    compromising security
  • Altered credits policy to allow immediate customer issue resolution on
    first contact
  • Fixed numerous system bugs, including ensuring all customers could
    view their bills online
  • Simplified tariffs based on customer feedback regarding data to
  • introduce both clarity and customer savings


  • NPS increased by over 30% points across the first nine months in the core
    customer service campaign
  • 40% reduction in voice volume



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