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EE – Ramping Up Seamlessly with Agile Methodology

people recruited and trained in South Africa within six months
Days from go live within which agreed service levels were met


The UK’s leading digital communications company operating the EE, Orange and T-Mobile brands, and serving over 27 million customers.


High speed ramp up in the UK and South Africa.


Using Agile transition methodology to ensure an effective ramp up and seamless migration of activity from the old locations to the new.

Service expansion through Agile strategy

Effecting a fast, seamless ramp up via effective methodology

Webhelp has twice been asked to execute high speed ramp up for EE, each to replace another OSP’s Philippine operation

  • 2013: Six months to establish 440 FTE operation in Cape Town.
  • 2014: Seven months to establish 375 FTE operation in Derby.

In both cases the new operations – supporting several service lines and multiple EE brands – were delivered on time and on target.

Webhelp’s Agile transition methodology was used to ensure an effective ramp and a seamless migration of activity from the old locations to the new.

  • A strong project team, sponsored by Webhelp’s account manager and with clear work stream leaders, reported directly to a dedicated project leader.
  • A project governance team comprising Webhelp board and EE business owners monitored progress within a clearly defined review cycle.
  • A full project plan identifying critical path, work stream responsibilities and risk mitigation strategies ensured milestones were met.
  • Critical path identified recruitment and IT connectivity as high-risk dependencies, which were successfully fast-tracked.
  • Performance glide paths were agreed to ensure focus on service and sales quality

The operation:

Webhelp’s expertise in project planning and monitoring enabled the creation of a strong and effective project team. A project governance team monitored progress, and the entire operation was laid out in a full project plan to ensure milestones were hit in line with time targets.


Philippines to South Africa

  • 400 people recruited and trained within six months
  • Agreed service levels met within 180 days of go live

Today Webhelp has 260 FTE supporting EE from South Africa managing T-Mobile Service and Technical.

Philippines to Derby

  • 450 people recruited and trained in seven months
  • Agreed service levels met within 90 days of go live

Today Webhelp has 650 FTE supporting EE in the UK managing inbound upgrades and retention, outbound upgrades, webchat, digital sales fulfilment and social media.


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