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Medical answering service

Offering professional remote secretarial services involves many commitments. Whether they’re calling a generalist or a specialist, when a patient calls their doctor they are often in a stressful situation. The medical switchboard operator must be able to respond effectively.

Webhelp’s key advantages:

  • The professionalism of the operators who provide the medical answering service
  • The flexibility of the answering service: it can be completely outsourced, in place to relieve an overloaded switchboard or simply there to cover when the office is closed.
  • The shared interactive calendar option.

When should you call on a medical answering service?

Outsourcing to a medical answering service is a complete solution

Personalised response with your office’s name, call transfer, and scheduling medical appointments: a complete medical answering service.

Assist an overwhelmed medical secretary

Take the pressure off your medical secretary at busy times; avoid abandoning your patients when they need you the most.

On a temporary basis, to ensure a line is always open at the doctor’s office

Be supported by the expertise of a medical secretary when your office is closed, during your breaks, on Saturdays, etc.

Webhelp Virtual Secretarial Services guarantees the high quality of its operators. Our lengthy experience in medical answering services has earned the trust of many partners.

Medical answering service quotes

To get a quick estimate on the cost of a medical answering service that meets your needs, please fill out the form below.

The advantages of Webhelp’s remote secretarial services

Substantial availability in terms of hours, six days out of seven: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

  • Free yourself from phone calls so you can devote yourself entirely to your patients.
  • Don’t fear the busiest times for your profession.

Rates adapted to your needs, such as:

  • Per call
  • Flat fee (according to calls/month)

What our medical answering service does:

  • Respond to your calls in the name of your medical office.
  • Transfer calls to your partners according to pre-set rules.
  • If you are busy, take messages and send them in real time by email or text.
  • Inform your patients about your office (opening hours, map, etc.).
  • Make appointments on a shared online calendar

Webhelp is committed to the quality of its remote medical secretarial services

It’s imperative that a medical office has confidence in its remote secretarial services. That’s why Webhelp has strict rules for recruitment and training.

Recruiting our medical switchboard operators

  • Since the remote switchboard operator is representing the medical office, they must be courteous, polite, empathetic, and have great interpersonal skills.
  • Spelling is extremely significant when it involves writing medical letters and reports. That’s why Webhelp requires that its outsourced medical secretaries have a perfect command of both written and spoken French.

Before starting work, our remote secretaries are trained on medical specifics

Beyond introductory training on written and oral expression, remote secretaries are trained on medical specifics – this allows them to identify emergency situations in particular.

Training on handling calls and scheduling online appointments includes training on tools, simulated calls, and role-playing.

To become remote medical secretaries, they are trained on:

  • Medical specialties and the vocabulary unique to each specialisation,
  • The French medical environment.

The medical secretary handles many tasks and must meet the practitioner’s and patients’ expectations.

Particular attention is paid to their ability to react. They are specially trained to identify emergency situations and can transfer the call to a doctor for priority treatment.

Following instructions is the second point of priority in this situation. Remote secretaries manage calls to the office on behalf of the doctor, according to instructions defined in advance. As a result, they are extremely aware of projecting the image of a health professional.

A shared calendar for doctor’s appointments

Appointment-making on a shared calendar is one of the assets of our medical answering service. Updated by secretaries and shared by practitioners who can access it at any time, patients can even add appointments to the calendar online.

Webhelp’s medical answering service is paired with a shared online calendar solution, which allows remote medical secretaries to make appointments for the doctors directly. Practitioners or their secretaries can check changes to their schedule online from their smartphone if they’re out of the office.

Our professional calendar software offers a function that allows patients to schedule their appointments directly on the internet. Appointments that patients make online from their account are automatically integrated into the shared online calendar without needing approval from the doctor.


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