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Balance professional relationship management with financial gain...

Webhelp’s FDI Logbox International Credit Management solution started out in the fashion sector. Over more than 30 years, we have acquired experience and expertise in acting as a neutral party representing the interests of local and global fashion brands. In an economic climate that forces a balance between the activities necessary to growing a business and the need to protect against financial risk, neutral intervention from a trusted third party is imperative.

Our international credit management solutions have helped brands gain a foothold both domestically and in the fashion export business. We offer advice as well as practical solutions, and act as a credit insurance intermediary. This allows brands to work with non-guaranteed clients, because we propose alternative solutions which facilitate payments.

Through us, new and established brands have eradicated cash flow problems, established successful long-term working relationships with stores, and expanded internationally.

First choice for the fashion sector

Addressing financial challenges in the fashion sector with a network of expert professionals.

Getting ahead in the fashion industry requires expertise in international credit management and business practices.